ROUTASIA is back in Nepal for new Learning Routes

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ROUTASIA is back in Nepal for new Learning Routes

A partnership between the Nepal Agricultural Cooperative Central Federation, Small Farmers Cooperatives, IFAD and Procasur

After an unfortunate hiatus due to the devastating earthquake, ROUTASIA returns to Nepal to move forward on the successful journey in partnership with NACCFL and the Small Farmers Cooperatives. The purpose of last week’s visit was to agree on the particulars of two new Learning Routes, involving Nepal’s Eastern and Central regions.

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Despite rural poverty, earthquakes and political unrest, farmers in Nepal are cheerful, optimistic and more dedicated than ever to work together in finding solutions for the common challenges.

The meetings took place at NACCFL’s headquarters, in a pleasant residential area on the hills of Lalitpur, near Kathmandu, where 20 professionals gathered to discuss actions in preparation of the Learning Routes. Local Champions, replicators, cooperative managers and leaders came from Nepal’s Eastern and Central regions to meet with NACCFL’s leadership and a small team from Procasur to answer the first questions:

 Where to find strong themes for the Learning Routes?

And how to select the Local Champions who share their solutions with specific target groups?

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