• Innovation Cartoons: Palenque

    Trying to understand how a Learning Route can end in changes for better!!! Well, a lot of things must happen before and after the journey. Learn here from the concrete example of our friends in San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia. They are sharing very sweet and good news! DOWNLOAD FROM HERE!

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  • Rangelands News!

    Making Rangelands secure in East and Horn of Africa : News, views and experiences of policy-makers, practitioners and communities on making rangelands secure for local users. This Second Bulletin is a common effort of members and partners from the International Land Coalition, including the PROCASUR Corporation, RECONCILE, WISP and IFAD. The Initiative seeks to identify and communicate good practice on making rangelands secure for local rangeland users. This is becoming increasingly challenging as different actors compete for land and ...

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  • Territories with identity

    Intercontinental Learning Route RTD-CI 2012 - Latin American Path Slideshow of picture memories taken during the Latin American Path of the RTD-CI Intercontinental Learning Route 2011/2012 "Weaving connections between territories in Latin America and the Mediterranean to establish a network of innovative initiatives that valorize biocultural diversity" organized in collaboration with Procasur and Apega and sponsored by IDRC Canada, IFAD and The FORD Foundation. The Route, in which participated 24 people coming from 15 different countries of Africa, ...

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  • Scaling up

    Scaling up in agriculture, rural development, and nutrition Source: Taking successful development interventions to scale is critical if the world is to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and make essential gains in the fight for improved agricultural productivity, rural incomes, and nutrition. How to support scaling up in these three areas, however, is a major challenge. This collection of policy briefs is designed to contribute to a better understanding of the experience to date and the lessons ...

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  • New ways

    Why cartoons are better than my Inglish? Dear colleagues, as IFAD is using lots of visual tools for getting the message across cultural borders we would like to share our small experience with the Learning Routes Cartoon. For PROCASUR cartoons, animation, comics, videos and photos are making easier to disseminate our proposal and most important to open fruitful conversations. Difficult topics as south-south cooperation, Learning Routes or social innovation are easier to comprehend through visual tools, ...

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  • Debate

     Is innovation essential for development work? Not all development problems require new solutions. Increasing funding and capability are more important than innovation A man sprinkles hot water on to a friend inside a Hamam in Kabul. The basic technologies needed to improve water and sanitation in urban areas have changed little in a hundred years. Photograph: Rodrigo Abd/AP Innovation has ...

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  • Picture of the Month

    Look how beautiful and proud we are! (Isaan, Thailand, 2012)

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