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  • Call for applications: Climate Change Adaptation Learning Initiative

    Practical solutions to adapt to climate change in production and post-harvesting sectors: Mozambique and Rwanda Projects' experiences 6th – 16th November 2016 Climate change is a driver of vulnerability in particular for those people whose livelihood depends on natural resources. Rural people rely on the ecosystems and biodiversity hence consider climate variability and change as an important threat and the negative impacts of these changes are endangering the livelihood of smallholder farmers worldwide. This dramatic phenomenon has ...

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  • Building change within the South

    Building change within the South _________________ Many thanks to our partners throughout the world! In this video “Building change within the South” visual evidences of the initiatives conducted in Africa, Latin America and especially in Asia by PROCASUR in partnership with private and public institutions and support from IFAD, are presented along with key concepts and features highlighting the last years’ outcomes achieved in terms of people empowerment through knowledge-based rural innovations learning and sharing. Methodologies’ aspects ...

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  • Video: Voices from the ASEAN Learning Route on Agriculture Cooperatives

    Voices from the ASEAN Learning Route on Agriculture Cooperatives __________________ This video results of the one week exchange between FOs´ leaders and Governments´ Officials occurred in Thailand and Philippines between the 28th March and 03 April, 2016. As a visual memory, brings together 7 countries views on the challenges and opportunities for small farmers in building a sustainable AEC, as well as the paths for innovations they will follow after the Learning Route. We thank all ...

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  • New publication – Building Change Within the South

    PROCASUR- Building Change Within the South This short text briefs on PROCASUR lead ideas, partners, tools and results. Please enjoy the reading. Download from here: PROCASUR Corporation is a not-for-profit, international organization established in 1999 to improve the quality of public and private investments on sustainable rural development, including the rural people organizations’s contribution to the development of vulnerable territories. Today PROCASUR operates in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia with regional and subregional offices ...

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  • The Godollo Report -- Read it here        

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  • Mobilization and Leadership Training for People’s Cooperatives in Bangladesh

    Four women groups from Mohalbari, Surail and Damoir villages in Northern Bangladesh participated in a two-day leadership and mobilization training in Dinajpur to spread the initiative of successful women-led cooperatives improving the livelihood of the rural poor. Among the 51 participants, most were landless women coming from Hindu, Muslim and indigenous communities. The training, organized by ALRD in partnership with SUSTAIN, is part of ...

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  • ROUTASIA Impact series Phase II


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  • ROUTASIA is back in Nepal for new Learning Routes

    ROUTASIA is back in Nepal for new Learning Routes A partnership between the Nepal Agricultural Cooperative Central Federation, Small Farmers Cooperatives, IFAD and Procasur After an unfortunate hiatus due to the devastating earthquake, ROUTASIA returns to Nepal to move forward on the successful journey in partnership with NACCFL and the Small Farmers Cooperatives. The purpose of last week’s visit was to agree on the particulars of two new Learning Routes, involving ...

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  • “Seeing is believing”

    Testimonies from the Learning Route in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta Learning Route on Small Irrigation System, Common Interest Groups and Market Linkages in Ben Tre and Tra Vinh provinces, Vietnam, 5 July, 2015   In July 2015, ROUTASIA’s Learning Route in the Mekong Delta presented a unique opportunity for the 35-odd Cambodian farmers and KM-experts who journeyed to ...

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  • Asia-Pacific Local Champions Exhibition goes to Takeo

    Asia-Pacific Local Champions Exhibition Goes To Takeo Location: O’saray Commune, Tram Kak District, Takeo Province, Cambodia Watch the Video Documentary Here On August 11, as part of the Asia-Pacific Local Champions Exhibition in Cambodia, delegations of farmers and supporters from nine different countries visited the model farm in Takeo Province. Visitors from Bangladesh, Colombia, Laos, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Tonga and Vietnam came to witness the process of change with the ...

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