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  • The Godollo Report -- Read it here        

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  • Mobilization and Leadership Training for People’s Cooperatives in Bangladesh

    Four women groups from Mohalbari, Surail and Damoir villages in Northern Bangladesh participated in a two-day leadership and mobilization training in Dinajpur to spread the initiative of successful women-led cooperatives improving the livelihood of the rural poor. Among the 51 participants, most were landless women coming from Hindu, Muslim and indigenous communities. The training, organized by ALRD in partnership with SUSTAIN, is part of ...

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  • ROUTASIA Impact series Phase II


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  • ROUTASIA is back in Nepal for new Learning Routes

    ROUTASIA is back in Nepal for new Learning Routes A partnership between the Nepal Agricultural Cooperative Central Federation, Small Farmers Cooperatives, IFAD and Procasur After an unfortunate hiatus due to the devastating earthquake, ROUTASIA returns to Nepal to move forward on the successful journey in partnership with NACCFL and the Small Farmers Cooperatives. The purpose of last week’s visit was to agree on the particulars of two new Learning Routes, involving ...

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  • “Seeing is believing”

    Testimonies from the Learning Route in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta Learning Route on Small Irrigation System, Common Interest Groups and Market Linkages in Ben Tre and Tra Vinh provinces, Vietnam, 5 July, 2015   In July 2015, ROUTASIA’s Learning Route in the Mekong Delta presented a unique opportunity for the 35-odd Cambodian farmers and KM-experts who journeyed to ...

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  • Asia-Pacific Local Champions Exhibition goes to Takeo

    Asia-Pacific Local Champions Exhibition Goes To Takeo Location: O’saray Commune, Tram Kak District, Takeo Province, Cambodia Watch the Video Documentary Here On August 11, as part of the Asia-Pacific Local Champions Exhibition in Cambodia, delegations of farmers and supporters from nine different countries visited the model farm in Takeo Province. Visitors from Bangladesh, Colombia, Laos, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Tonga and Vietnam came to witness the process of change with the ...

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  • Similar cultures, better understanding. The Learning Route enters Vietnam’s Deep South

      “Solidarity, mutual commitment and innovations were the most important factors that shaped Dan Tien into the successful cooperative that it is today”- Nguyen Van Van, Dan Tien Cooperative director. Colorful ethnic Khmer dance welcomes the Cambodian delegates on the streets of Cau Ke, in Vietnam’s charming Tra Vinh Province. This southern province in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta boasts a large Khmer Krom ethnic community, accounting for ...

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  • Asia-Pacific Local Champions Exhibition (10-12 August, Cambodia)

    The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry of Cambodia, the International Fund for Agriculture Development and PROCASUR are pleased to invite you to the first Asia-Pacific Local Champions Exhibition, bringing together local champions with the public sector, universities, NGOs and cooperation agencies. This groundbreaking event will be a unique opportunity to build personal contacts with outstanding rural women and men, promoting innovations in ...

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  • Come and go around the world with Calle 13 and PROCASUR

    find yourself in the others, learn that we are equal and distinct at the same time that´s the adventure of life, here are the smiles of those that open new paths What feels to be freed of territorial and cultural boundaries and make from the world our learning ground? How to trace a path to happiness that starts with listening and learning from our own people? Outstanding rural women and men, farmers, artisans, weavers, indigenous people, local authorities ...

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  • Indigenous innovation Celebrated in the Northern Thai jungle

    In 2012, three indigenous community representatives from North Thailand (Akha, Lahu and Karen), the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC) of Thailand, IFAD-PROCASUR and other organizations began a partnership for the dissemination of good natural resource management practices, building networks among communities and public sector and opening spaces for peer-to-peer learning. On 30th of June it was launched the next stage in ...

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