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  • New Route in Nepal

    Greetings from Nepal and PROCASUR! It´s a pleasure to inform about the second version of the Learning Route: “Women Empowerment, New Businesses and Sustainable Natural Resource Management in Nepal” (13-21 September 2013). This Learning Route captures and disseminate the innovative experiences in the development of second tier network organisations  (Co-operatives) supported by the Leasehold Forest and Livestock Programme (LFLP) and the Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF), in the frame of IFAD solid partnership with Nepal. These Co-operatives ...

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  • Thai PPP Experience Report

    LEARNING ROUTE ON PRO-POOR PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS IN RURAL DEVELOPMENT END OF ROUTE REPORT   The following End-of-Route Report has been prepared by PROCASUR with inputs from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) funded Asian Project Management Support Programme (APMAS) and the Asian Institute of Technology Extension (AIT.E). The Route was organized within the context of the IFAD funded Strengthening knowledge sharing on innovative solutions using the learning routes methodology in Asia and the Pacific Regional Grant ...

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  • Vacancy Announce. Africa

    Vacancy Announcement Programme Coordinator (Nairobi, Kenya) Procasur Corporation is a global organization specialized in harvesting and scaling-up homegrown innovations. The organization’s mission is to foster local knowledge exchange to end rural poverty. By sharing innovations through customized local knowledge-management tools and methodologies, the organization connects global institutions with local talents, providing the structured learning ...

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