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  • New ways

    Why cartoons are better than my Inglish? Dear colleagues, as IFAD is using lots of visual tools for getting the message across cultural borders we would like to share our small experience with the Learning Routes Cartoon. For PROCASUR cartoons, animation, comics, videos and photos are making easier to disseminate our proposal and most important to open fruitful conversations. Difficult topics as south-south cooperation, Learning Routes or social innovation are easier to comprehend through visual tools, ...

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  • Debate

     Is innovation essential for development work? Not all development problems require new solutions. Increasing funding and capability are more important than innovation A man sprinkles hot water on to a friend inside a Hamam in Kabul. The basic technologies needed to improve water and sanitation in urban areas have changed little in a hundred years. Photograph: Rodrigo Abd/AP Innovation has ...

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